Helen Dos Santos

Co-Founder & CEO
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  • Phone: 714-790-9448

About Helen

Helen has over 30 years’ experience in business operations management and structure implementation for business owners and organizations.  Her many years working in the office environment has allowed her to create systems and structure for any operation.  She has also attracted, hired and launched many careers! She is a resource to many, from launching a brand-new office to running a top performing powerhouse.  Helen’s experience in the real estate organization is not only in residential real estate, her experience extends into commercial divisions, mergers, and has consulted and advised many owners and organizational staff. Helen brings a dynamic to anyone’s organization who is seeking to scale and bring in leverage to help YOU focus on your strengths and profitability.

Regina Finucan

Technology & Communication Manager
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  • Phone: 714-790-9448

About Regina

Regina bio coming soon…

Carmen Hugo

Financial Services Manager
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  • Phone: 714-790-9448

About Carmen

Carmen Hugo has 30+ years in bookkeeping experience and has been in the real estate industry for the last 16 years. Her experience running the operations and doing the accounting of a highly profitable, award winning 300+ agent Keller Williams real estate office, she knows how to run and operate a profitable business! “I am excited to join MCLS so I can utilize my experience and focus on the tasks I love doing, such as the bookkeeping for the real estate and escrow operations!”

Colleen Rogers

Co-Founder & Business Strategist
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About Colleen

Colleen has over 21 years’ experience in business operations management and accounting. Serving in nearly every operational role in a RE organization, she brings MCLS operational perspectives to solve others leverage needs and desires.  Also being a Real Estate brokerage owner, she has clarity on the way to reimagine any organization to allow every team members strengths to be enhanced!

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